Once launched in 2016 by designer Henry Lefens, PIONEERCARRY became a dream of the founder on creation of the same durable and functional accessories as the mountain equipment, which Henry had designed before starting his project.

He distributed the first prototypes to climbers, bikers, boarders, and fashionistas. Over time, it turned out that the accessories are not torn and do not even have traces of use. And when testers wouldn't give them back, Henry realized that it was time to act.
He continued his career with the design for Brooks England, Nike, Black Diamond Equipment, and Levi's Commuter, all the time, checking and correcting his initial concept until the desire to start the Pioneer was not comprehensive.
He quit his job, formed a small team of experts, reopened the laboratory and launched Pioneer.

What began as experiments with thermal presses and technical fabrics has evolved into a mission to bring the same innovations in materials and design seen in the clothing and footwear industry to wallets and small carry.
The main technical features of these wallets are their material and shape. They are made of 10XD™ ripstop nylon – an ultra-high-molecular polyethylene yarn (10 times stronger than steel of similar cross-section) blended into nylon ripstop.
The shape is determined by the own technology of the brand called FUTURE FORM™, which is essentially a flexible, but high-strength frame of the accessory that does not break, while maintaining the feeling of a leather wallet.
The flagship model of the brand is the FLYFOLD wallet and MOLECULE cardholder . The wallet has three slots that can hold more than 10 plastic cards and full-size banknotes. The cardholder also has 3 slots and holds 4-6 cards and folded bills.
All products have reinforced seams in places of high voltage, waterproof and do not absorb moisture. The reflective logo of the PIONEERCARRY on the front parts of the models will make it easy to find an accessory in a large bag. All products are machine wash safe.
Officially tested by TECHUNTER®.

To purchase PIONERCARRY items you can visit the brand official website. At the moment, they have a free delivery around the world, and the stuff will be packed in a very reliable and stylish bubble-wrap.