Fimmafang 4.0]
[KLATTERMUSEN Fimmafang 4.0]
We were always fascinated by the beauty of different textiles. When you see such a detailed picture of the structure of some amazing fabric, you can definitely understand the whole world of exploration and development behind its creation. And you are just mesmerized by the beauty of it. So we started our THM MACROSHOTS editorial series, where we explore the complexity, depth, and beauty of different fabrics, textiles, materials, and hardware through the macro lens.

Our new macro editorial explores the details of the Fimmafang 4.0 bag from Klattermusen. The Swedish brand has been producing equipment since 1975 and has established itself as a unique player, whose products are high-quality, highly functional, durable, with their own distinctive visual style, impeccable attention to detail and environmentally responsible. The brand is innovative in many ways, having developed and patented solutions and technologies, some of which still have no analogs.
This time we took the Fimmafang 4.0 waist bag for a review.

The non-standard size of this bag explains the possibility of its multi-functional use from the city to the mountains. Declared as a waist bag, it can be worn over the shoulder, or attached as an external pocket to other accessories or bags of the brand. It's it made of durable recycled polyamide. Among the functional details: a self-release buckle, an external mesh pocket, an internal zip pocket, an elastic cord on the bag lid, steel rings for attaching sleds, leashes, or gloves.

Meticulous attention to detail and build quality make any Klattermusen item a real grail for our macro research.

Here is our new THM Macroshot editorial, exploring this amazing product.
Produced by TECHUNTER Media.
Photo: Ivan Dzhatiev [THM].
Producer: Alex Zabelin [THM].
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