[MIZUNO Wave Prophecy Sorayama]
[MIZUNO Wave Prophecy Sorayama]
We were always fascinated by the beauty of different textiles. When you see such a detailed picture of the structure of some amazing fabric, you can definitely understand the whole world of exploration and development behind its creation. And you are just mesmerized by the beauty of it. So we started our THM MACROSHOTS editorial series, where we explore the complexity, depth, and beauty of different fabrics, textiles, materials, and hardware through the macro lens.

After a hot week of releases, we are not stopping and eager to bring you our newest review from our macro-editorial series. This time we will explore the details of Mizuno's Wave Prophecy sneakers, made in collaboration with Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama. Hajime Sorayama has become a legend in Japan and abroad thanks to his images and sculptures of feminized biomechanoid robots. Sorayama's projects are a mixture of fine art, illustration and industrial design. His unique style of "hyperrealism" is aimed at finding beauty both in the human body and in the machine.
Mizuno entered the sportstyle market not so long ago, but they are already actively promoting their innovative models. The collaboration with Sorayama is the result of celebrating the decade of the Wave Prophecy model and its iconic Infinity Wave sole. The Wave Prophecy model itself - originally designed for everyday running workouts - is their most technologically advanced, premium and comfortable sneaker. This time it received new materials, colors and the avant-garde style and design of the artist. Its main technology is Infinity Wave - a double wave-shaped plate located along the entire length of the sole, that provides excellent cushioning, evenly distributing the shock load. The Wave Prophecy Sorayama model is made in dark gray gradient tones with a metallized top, reminiscent of the glossy coatings of supercars, and also has an outsole referring to tire protectors. Inspired by the concept photos of supercars, we captured the sneakers and explored their details through our macro lens.

Here is our new THM Macroshot editorial, exploring this amazing shoes.
Produced by TECHUNTER Media.
Photo: Ivan Dzhatiev [THM].
Assistance: Nikita Osaulenko [THM], Ilya Skudar.
Producer: Alex Zabelin [THM].
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