We were always fascinated by the beauty of different textiles. When you see such a detailed picture of the structure of some amazing fabric, you can definitely understand the whole world of exploration and development behind its creation. And you are just mesmerized by the beauty of it.
So we started our THM MACROSHOTS editorial series, where we explore the complexity, depth, and beauty of different fabrics, textiles, materials, and hardware through the macro lens.

This time we are glad to present you the collaboration that many in the running community have been waiting for: Satisfy teamed up with Norda. 001 model from the Canadians was taken as a basis for the collab. In this review, we will take a closer look at the technologies and details of this model, as well as some items from Satisfy that we used for our last editorial.
The Post-Run line is the basic apparel line from Satisfy for off–run activities. However, this does not mean that you cannot use it for running. "It's OK to run in cotton," says Satisfy.

The line mainly includes T-shirts, tank tops, longsleeves, pants, and hoodies made mainly of organic materials with various techniques of coloring and treatment.
This ORGANIC COTTON HOODIE is made of high quality organic washed Portuguese cotton, with a vintage effect. It has an oversized and cropped fit. The sleeves are painted by hand using Tye-Die technology, and the RUNNING CULT MEMBER logo printed with puffy ink. There is a hidden cord in the pocket with an s-shaped carabiner for attaching keys. And of course, the brand's signature detail is an external removable care label so that nothing rubs against your skin.
The main running line of the brand is saturated with various silhouettes, technologies and impeccable design.

Among the elements of outerwear, you can find sleeveless T-shirts, basic T-shirts, longsleeves and base layers using cotton with strategically located ventilation, merino wool, synthetic knitted fabrics for different types of activities.
Our choice fell on the CLOUDMERINO™ T-shirt and longsleeve. This is 100% the finest Merino Optimo wool – incredibly light, silky-soft, and naturally odor resistant. It has good thermoregulation and is suitable for a wide range of weather conditions as the first or second layer. The models have a reflective print on the back, raw hems for lighter weight and to eliminate friction, as well as an external care label. Dyed by hand using the traditional Japanese "shibori" method, this top is thoughtfully tie-dyed to reflect and complement the color palettes found during trail runs.
Shorts are a necessary element of running equipment. A well-chosen model will provide you with the necessary ventilation, protect you from uncomfortable friction, and can pack your keys and phone. Satisfy has succeeded in this by developing a unique and a very light pair of shorts, thanks to their Justice ™ technology.

Manufactured by an experienced French silk manufacturer and inspired by medical bandages, Justice ™ is 35% lighter and dries 60% faster, which ensures a drier, lighter and longer ride. The brand's line divides its positions into shorts for long and short distances with a difference in weight and organization system.

These TECHSILK™ 8" shorts are designed for short distances.
The outer material of the shorts is Flex Silk, an ultralight, breathable and elastic shell fabric. The inner fabric with Justice ™ technology is a unique synthetic fabric that is produced in France, durable and elastic, but at the same time has a feeling of silk and incomparable lightness. It naturally stretches in all directions, repeating the movements of the body, while remaining breathable. Justice ™ dries surprisingly quickly, preventing bacteria from mixing with your sweat and leaving no odor.

Each pair has an exclusive coloring, thanks to hand-dyed technology. The shorts are very light and breathable, have a waterproof zippered back pocket for storing credit cards or cash, with 2 separate internal pockets for keys so that they do not clink, ties that can be tucked into a double belt to avoid chafing, an S-shaped mini carabiner for keys, reflective elements and an external removable care label.
Moving on to the collaboration itself – the 001 model. Introduced a year ago, the model received wide publicity and a flurry of positive feedback from various levels of trail runners around the world. The world's first sneakers for trail running using seamless technology with durable Dyneema® material, they have already gained popularity as the most unkillable sneakers for running in the mountains, rough terrain, and wherever you can get on your feet at all.

Dyneema® is one of the most durable and lightweight materials in the world. Dyneema® fibers are 15 times stronger than steel fibers of the same cross-section.
The version installed on 001 was created by Norda exclusively in cooperation with the Dyneema® and is made on a biological basis with the interweaving of recycled Cordura® nylon and seamless technology, which makes it more breathable, but also waterproof. Even the laces on 001 are made with the interweaving of Dyneema® fibers.

In collaboration with Satisfy, the sneakers received Jade coloring with silver elements, the logos of Satisfy on the tongue, Posessed on the insole, the words Peace and Silence on the tips of the laces and the peace sign on the back, as well as reflective elements and a branded hermetic shoe-bag made with Dyneema®.
The upper of the shoe is only half of the sneaker – the sole plays as big of a role.

001 earned feedback as one of the most tenacious sneakers out there, thanks to a special sole developed in collaboration with Vibram®.

The midsole is designed using Vibram® SLE and provides good cushioning without sacrificing responsiveness and remaining lightweight.
Soleplate uses norda™ x Vibram® exclusive design Formation sole with Litebase® technology that conserves energy and enhances your performance with a 30% reduction in overall sole weight and Mega Grip® rubber with 5mm lugs delivers superior durability, traction, and the strongest grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

It's inspired by the Canadian Shield – the largest and strongest Precambrian rock formation on Earth. The sole of the model depicts the island of Montreal and the surrounding topography, and the design itself provides maximum grip from the front, back, and sides.
The Peace And Silence 001 by Norda x Satisfy will be available from 21/07/22 via both brands websites and selected retailers. Read more relevant articles about Satisfy or Norda via the links below.
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Photo, edit: Ivan Dzhatiev [THM].
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