Paris Men's Fashion Week,
January 2024, FW24 [Guide]
This Paris Fashion Week marked a significant milestone for our team as we unveiled our 8th print issue of our magazine, while also hosting our very own showroom.

Over the weekend we still ventured out to get the chance to visit other brand’s showrooms and explore what was on offer for FW24 among the most interesting and cutting edge functional fashion brands.

As per tradition, we have documented our journey for you, so let’s delve deep into our report for PFW FW24.
Within the Tomorrow showroom, we found Post Archive Faction – a brand that has been making significant strides in the industry for some time now.

Their AW24 collection certainly lived up to expectations. The brand presented a blend of obscure and technical pieces that seamlessly fuse functionality with high fashion. In addition to their garments, PAF also featured their ongoing footwear collaboration with ON. This collaboration truly reflects their commitment to disrupting the technical space and introducing something unique.
Located separately from Slam Jam’s space this time, ROA offers a great variety for this new collection. Starting with footwear, the brand has stuck with their previous classic styles, but this time they’ve introduced the addition of their own running sneaker. This is a new direction for the brand that they may look to explore further in the future. ROA also offers a wider range of garments this time, including a display of knits, functional jackets and accessories using some new fabrics including BenQ X-Pore, a new innovative eco-friendly nanopore polyolefin membrane & Klopman workwear and uniform fabrics.

Most notable is their collaboration with Tilak which offers a military-esque vibe with branded patches and green hues.

Honorable mention - the brilliant while quiet set design was built by Parisian famous interior design studio AVOIR.

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Jean-Luc's latest collection displays an aura of sophistication and evolution. It's evident that the brand has pivoted away from trends this season and instead shows a narrative centered on urban formality and practicality. While hints of this transition were displayed in the previous season, AW24 amplifies this shift to new heights.

The showroom itself transformed into an immersive experience, with carefully curated props, poised models, and vintage computer screens. Slam Jam’s approach to their showroom layout has definitely improved and they highlight their brands perfectly.

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Descente’s AW24 collection really impressed us this season as they combined urban functionality and style with contemporary design. Utilizing top-tier materials, each garment is a representation of the brand's dedication to performance and versatility. With meticulous attention to detail, every aspect shows finesse, reflecting Descente's commitment to excellence. The brand has really set a new standard in the market with this new collection.

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Pairing running and endurance raving might seem like an unlikely duo, but Running Order effortlessly merges the two.

Positioned as a performance-driven clubwear label, they specialise in technical apparel that transitions seamlessly from the dance floor to the race track. Originating from NYC, Running Order may be relatively new to our radar, but their innovative product offerings have quickly captured our attention. Each piece is designed to facilitate a smooth transition from running to raving, boasting functional elements that ensure maximum comfort during extended hours of activity.

It’s definitely a brand to keep your eyes on.
The new collection of Paris-based running specialists at SATISFY definitely marks the brand's new approach in different directions.

First of all the appearance of the special line for extreme weather conditions - using Pertex membrane fabrics for jackets with integrated gusset for the hydration vests and backpacks, modular vests with detachable Primaloft insulated inserts and even gloves with easy mobile usability - definitely a next level of technicality and functional design.

Their existing collections are also updated with new fabrics such as Polartec Alpha Direct or thermo-reactive paint wool blends, as well as new colours and graphics options.

More to mention but can not show yet - their highly anticipated next chapters of collaborations with Hoka and Crocs. Just trust us, you better hold your wallet far away from your hands!

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This season, District Vision presents a mixture of activewear and eyewear that epitomises performance and style. Their ready-to-wear line gives us an array of vibrantly coloured pieces tailored for athletic purposes. Pieces are designed to allow athletes to perform at their pinnacle, with subtle detailing and distinctive branding.

Among this new collection, they also offer an expanded range of eyewear that steals the spotlight. The most notable new addition is the expansion of their titanium frames - renowned for their lightweight strength and premium quality.

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XLIM AW24 places an emphasis on the intricacies. Our admiration for this brand really increased as we delved into the offerings of this season.

The collection unveils an array of standout items that seamlessly fuse contemporary fashion with practicality. What really caught our attention was the insane detailing that can be found throughout most pieces in the collection. It is evident that everything within this collection has been thought about, from the button choices to the silhouette.

Overall, after this trip we’ve become really big fans of XLIM and we can’t wait to see what they have to offer next time around.
The new Côte&Ciel collection presents a great selection of well engineered bags and accessories. For a brand who has been at the top of their game for multiple years now, they have continued to push the boundaries. This year they’ve introduced a pleated style to their collection which really stood out to us and the intricate detailing adds a very contemporary tone.

This collection also notably featured their new collaboration with Mr.Bailey - a collection made up of both a bag and beanie (Bailey’s signature look). With extremely subtle branding the main focus here is on the product and not flashy logos. The bag which resembles a beanie can be worn in multiple ways making it fit for most occasions. The beanie is also crafted in an origami-esque way and includes an adjustable strap.

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Korean designer Jeong Li constantly surprises us with his evolving style. This season, his collection reflects his growth as a designer, presenting a broader range of offerings. Despite his involvement with PAF's design this season, Jeong Li has been tirelessly developing his own label too. While past collections felt more contained, AW24 signals a shift towards a more expansive vision and really shows us the direction the brand is going.

Pieces feature classical tailoring with technical elements such as adjustable sleeves and padded panelling. Notably, this collection also showcased the designer’s collaboration with footwear manufacturer Vibram. The collaboration is a slip-on mule made from Vibram’s thermally bonded technology.

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As we conclude our visits to the showrooms during PFW AW24, we're eagerly anticipating the release of the products we've seen. While this season has been significant for our project, we also cherished the chance to catch up with friends and colleagues at their own showrooms, sharing a coffee or two with like-minded individuals. We're already looking forward to our return to the fashion capital.

Until next season, Paris, à bientôt!
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