Paris Men's Fashion Week,
June 2024, SS25 [Guide]
PFW is a cult tradition for us at this point, and we love bringing you all the sneak peeks from upcoming collections. This season includes a great mix of already established designers and newer ones, showcasing innovation in styles and applications, bold color palettes, new exciting fabrics and more.

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Satisfy’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection is profoundly influenced by trails, desert and the wild. It introduces innovative new fabrics, such as Plissé styles, designed to minimize body friction during runs. The collection also expands the Pertex membrane range with new color options. A noteworthy feature is the incorporation of non-slippery inserts on the thigh sections of tights for the uphill technique (very runner-oriented design). Additionally, this collection debuts designs featuring logos from prominent American universities, alongside new cowboy-style aesthetics in varied colorways.

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Founded by Raphael Godfrey, an ex-Head of Menswear at Norse Projects, Works and Days represents the blend of heritage style and technical design wear. For the new season their offerings include a diverse range of technical materials, such as Cordura nylon blends, Primaloft insulation and Tyvek branded labels. Inspired by traditional hunting attire, some pieces feature unique olive and onion dye treatments, showcasing the brand's commitment to both functionality and aesthetic innovation.

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For the SS25 collection, "Strata", _J.L-A.L_ brings us a multi-layered design that blends technical elements with formal details, achieving a refined balance of form and function, showcasing an evolution of technical wear. Definitely a new and next chapter for a brand. The new season integrates colors inspired by natural surroundings which enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of each piece. This season is very much focused on fabric choices with their 3D printed knits being the staple for SS25. The brand is developing their own textiles and it’s added a whole new layer to _J.L-A.L_ and what it stands for. Detailing is another key element of the "Strata" collection with little nuances, such as branded pinstripes and metallic studs adding a sense of finesse to the collection.

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ROA unveils an array of exciting new offerings, with the standout addition being the introduction of womenswear. Though the line is small, it emphasizes quality over quantity, featuring functional skirts, pants, knits and jackets. Beyond the new womenswear, ROA presents a versatile collection designed to cater to everyone. The SS25 mainline includes lighter shells, cotton graphic tees, puffers, shorts, and so forth. The showroom also debuted some innovative collaborations this year. The Altra x ROA GORE-TEX trail running shoe has already become a favorite among brand followers. Additionally, ROA has partnered with District Vision for the first time to create their unique version of the titanium Kohei Aero Blade Ti eyewear. Footwear also remains a cornerstone of ROA’s offerings. Alongside the notable collaboration with Altra Running, the brand introduces a range of silhouettes for SS25, including mules, running-inspired footwear, their classic hiking staples that receive a light version, and more.

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Helly Hansen leans heavily into lightweight and tailored this season, with a very tight and focused collection of garments. A few new silhouettes are brought back from the archive in the form of cropped and transformable jackets with an old school logo and colour palette. Navy and beige rule the collection with a strong emphasis on texture and handfeel of hiking shirts, wide legged pants and jackets. The evolution of the archival line this time around is catering to the needs of a modern hot summer city dweller, and we are quite excited to put these pieces through their paces.

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South Korean materials and finishes power house came to Paris with a supremely strong selection of new ideas and garments to show. Laser cut patterns on hoodies providing airflow and layering capabilities, membrane blazers with inverted panels, the already iconic embedded paneling with angled seams and many fantastic techniques were on full display at their showroom in the heart of the city. Some peculiar experiments with accessories are also present, rounding up the offer from XLIM. A few visitors also got a glimpse of a footwear collab in the works, showing the brand's unmatched capability of using the most fascinating materials in the most unexpected of ways.

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A fascinating addition to our fashion week landscape is Sam Liepke with his namesake brand, that was tucked away in the bowels of Le Marais. Making garments at the intersection of styles and influences, these functional and already refined works of pattern genius check a lot of boxes of what a modern take on unspecified functionality should strive to be. With an emphasis on a livable aspect and a natural feeling of a garment, Sam crafts pieces that work in the Midwest on a job site and on the streets of Paris between runways. The standout for us is a wool coat with an immaculate paneling on the back, having both a Morpheus and a Neo vibe at the same time, smartly integrating pockets into the seams between the panels, not restricting movement and yet feeling like a multi thousand dollar oldschool piece of tailoring – ace in every category. Definitely keep an eye for Sam’s next moves.
Colin Meredith is a multifaceted creator and designer based in Vancouver, recognized for his exploration in garment making, crafts and art with a strong design experience at JJJJound, NOAH NY, Reigning Champ, Arc’teryx & Rapha. First time representing in Paris, his Spring/Summer 2025 collection showed innovative and funky pieces, merging traditional workwear with contemporary and technical design. Our highlight is the aerobic nylon ripstop bag, noted for its high abrasion resistance and durability, which further reveals his nuanced vision. Notably, the collection featured the debut of "Colin’s shoe" in collaboration with ROA Hiking. Designed for mountain use while maintaining urban appeal, this marks a significant new chapter in Meredith’s collaborative ventures. One of which we are very excited about, is their new brand called Portal, which was shown in the same place - can’t unveil more so far, but keep your eyes out - this will definitely be a blast!
Bags, bags and more bags – just the way we like it. côte&ciel brought in many updated classics to their hometurf, such as a mini duffle that got an expandable version, as well larger bag specific silhouettes. The most talked about and seen piece is a transformer vest that works as a normal bag until you unzip it. This season the Parisian label brings forth a fascinating venture into next to body transformable solutions, that, together with the spotted on the ground utility vest, hint at new ground for the pioneers of design, and we could not be more excited to show you what's in the works.

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For the Spring/Summer 2025 collection titled "Nine Pounds of Dead Landscape," GR10K offers a profound exploration of field-wear, confronting contemporary institutions and trends. This season's collection introduces GR10K's inaugural eyewear line. The design process was inspired by extensive viewing of backstage footage from the field recording of director James Benning’s films. The collection features rural-inspired garments enhanced with technical details and advanced materials. Notable highlights include the Dyneema infused sweater, firefighter inspired jackets, belts made from robust string and military inspired footwear.

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Goldwin apparel is known for its close attention to details and emphasis on durability within the framework of Japanese minimalism and style. SS25 collection is split into performance, outdoor, and lifestyle categories, including a variety of outerwear, tops, and bottoms that utilize the latest fabric technologies – from natural wool to ultra-lightweight and breathable Pertex. This season’s core focus is to enhance environmental integration and provide comfort amid significant changing conditions. Key collaboration work is the new OAMC line, heavily inspired by military silhouettes and treatments. We must also highlight the Goldwin 0 experimental line, which goes even further this season by offering functional clothing for men and women that transcends traditional labels and boundaries. A new creative director behind this line is Nur Abbas - formerly known for his exciting designs at Gucci, LV, Uniqlo, NIKE ACG, and Yeezy. Notably, our selection includes a new pants model featuring a critical zigzag form and a unique textile blend formula – a development that took three years to perfect.
F/CE's Spring/Summer 2025 giant collection features an innovative mix of mens and womens garments and includes noticeable functional details that create a dynamic waving effect without adding extra weight. For SS25 season F/CE exemplify technical excellence, offering lightweight, high-performance apparel with fully adaptable items, suitable for any occasion. Highlights include: Flared Pants, inspired by the Northern Soul movement in Northern England and Pertex jacket, fully taped for superior durability from the new collaboration between F/CE and Digawel. The use of F/CE unique Pertex colors, unavailable to other brands, rounds this playful and very personalised take on modern functional apparel.
SS25 collection seamlessly merges technical innovation with urban lifestyle aesthetics, adding wider colour selection for the sunny season and innovative technical fabrics to manage the heat. Every garment is designed with that in mind and is perfected by the choices of breathable materials. Jackets with hidden pockets offer discreet storage solutions, while the possibility to change your outfit seamlessly from day to night reflects the collection’s versatility. This season appears more cohesive and concentrated, still having separate I/O and 81 sub-labels. It's gratifying to see the brand striving for top-tier standards within the functional market.

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Located in the heart of Paris, the showroom of DV introduced a diverse array of staple sunglasses alongside their clothing line. The main idea of the collection is “opening your eyes all over your body” blending it with “3-step protocol” for smarter running, designed to make running feel more effortless, more connected and more playful, which perfectly fits the offered fresh mix of eyewear and apparel. For apparel the range seems very diverse from a collab with Nanga, through new graphic designs and running silhouettes, to special yoga/fitness women's line and lifestyle pieces with Californian hippy vibe. For eyewear we have got the opportunity to explore their most renowned models in new colorways, as well as their newest highly anticipated collaborations with Post Archive Faction (PAF) & ROA.

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Running Order has introduced a well-prepared collection for the SS25 season, featuring bodysuits, tops, bottoms, and accessories designed for longer and faster runs. Made in the USA, these garments include convenient details and offer a unisex, body-conscious fit, with sun protection inserts which are crafted from ultralight materials to ensure high airflow and breathability for the raving runners. Most pieces offer secure hold and support, utilizing elastic and sustainable fabrics that are water-resistant and quick-drying. Honorable mention – stunning graphics were made by the local NY based tattoo-artist Tobias Vetter.

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Adjacent to the Swedish institute, Houdini's collection for the Spring/Summer 2025 season stood out impressively. Their "Matters Everything" collection is categorized into two distinct lines: active trail running and lifestyle garments. This collection aims to enhance the connection between the individual and the surrounding environment by offering highly technical and lightweight, next-to-skin apparel, suitable for various occasions. The collection showcased an impressive array of garments, experimenting with fabrics, such as advanced microplastics fleece. Noteworthy items include the C9 Stretch Pants and the Lightweight Conventional Zip-Up Jacket/Sweatshirt, which are our personal highlights.

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We were delighted to have our team participate this season, allowing us to reconnect with long-standing friends and forge new connections. Thank you to all of our partners and brands who opened up the doors for us this summer. We are already eagerly anticipating the upcoming drops.

Until next time around, good hunting!
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