“The Class Of _”,
Paris Fashion Week Yearbook by Beinghunted. x TECHUNTER [Recap]
Each season, fashion enthusiasts from across the globe gather in Paris. Whether they are long-time attendees or first-time visitors, they all share a passion for design and are part of the bigger picture that is Fashion Week.

As active participants in this industry – through its global consultancy engagements, productions or activations, editorial work, and so on – Beinghunted. and TECHUNTER have both established a network of like-minded individuals who are positioned at the core of cultural moments and events. While many individuals involved are known faces, some remain relatively unknown to the wider public. “The Class Of _” (TCO) was brought to life as a democratic compendium – like a school yearbook that everyone gets in on – to compile the profiles of as many people as possible who contribute to these extraordinary happenings.
TCO is an ongoing project that extends beyond fashion week. Sports events, film festivals, and art fairs are among the other moments that we have on our bucket list for the series.

For its inaugural launch in Paris, we partnered up to capture men's Paris Fashion Week in June 2023. This first edition, meant as a test run, has already produced a noteworthy output: 186 portraits capture the intimate yet broad network of industry leaders in both front-of-house and back-of-house functions, as well as up-and-coming creatives. The list ranges from emerging talents like Jeong Li, Newfacet, or Charlie Constantinou to well-known figures such as Hanna Lindblad, Kiko Kostadinov, Errolson Hugh or Tommy Cash.

The portraits were taken by Beinghunted., TECHUNTER Magazine, and fellow contributors Adam Katz Sinding and Leo Wild, each offering their distinct aesthetic to the photo series posted on TCO's dedicated Instagram channel @theclassof_.

All entries are accompanied by the subjects' names, titles, and sometimes a short quote or motto that captures their feelings in the midst of a frantic fashion week. Check out some of our friends below.
"I’m glad it’s raining because I only have jackets!"
Errolson Hugh,
Co-founder of ACRONYM.
"Only positive!"
Hanna Lindblad,
"Stay possessed."
Brice Partouche,
Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of SATISFY.
"Feel ocean breeze, while you put on Nanamica OOAL."
Eiichiro Homma,
Founder of NANAMICA.
"One beautiful big mess..."
David Fischer,
"Go big or go home."
Arthur Chmielewski,
Co-founder of HAVEN.
Kiko Kostadinov,
"Lean out!"
Joy Howard,
"Guten Tag, Fahrvergnügen, Gesundheit."
Jörg Haas,
Founder & Small-ish Management at BEINGHUNTED.
"See you at wild & the moon."
Claire Henderson,
Wholesale & Merchandising Manager at DISTRICT VISION.
"The owls are not what they seem..."
Aleksandr Zabelin,
CEO & Chief Editor at TECHUNTER.
Emma Vogt,
Charlie Constantinou,
"This is the last time I go to Paris and share a queen-sized bed with Peter Obradovic..."
Anders Schans,
Creative & Management at BEINGHUNTED.
"I’m too old for this."
Adrian Bianco,
Creative Director & Editor-in-Chief at SABUKARU.ONLINE.
Patrick Stangbye,
Creative Director at ROA.
"Keep on swimming!"
Emma Schuring,
Head of Social Media & PR at HOUDINI SPORTSWEAR.
"What I enjoy most is to be served at every showroom."
Fernand The Dog,
Life Guru.
"Exciting times!"
Francois Duret,
Founder of NEUTRA.
Louis Hollinson,
Creative Director / Consultant.
Gabriele Casaccia,
“Work everyday for the love of working everyday.”
Giuliano Inesi,
Creative Consultant at FLATSHOP.
"Wishes I was on a bike somewhere..."
Graeme Gaughan,
"Live offline more."
Ivan Dzhatiev,
Creative Director & Photographer at TECHUNTER.
"Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, to keep me from running!"
Christina Fragkou,
"If it ain’t a spritz, it ain’t it!"
Jasper Lee,
Brand Director at _J.L-A.L_.
Tommy Cash,
"Think about what you buy."
Jon White,
Founder of DERU.
“Fashion is like humor, it’s the politeness of despair.”
Benjamin Pothier,
Explorers Club Fellow.
"The unexpected encounter..."
Julien Chaintreau,
Footwear Designer at ROA.
"Do what makes you alive."
Koki Ota,
"Happy summer solstice."
Liam Furneaux,
"This one goes out to all my peoples skippin’ bail, dippin’ jail, whippin’ tail, and sippin’ ale’’ - MF DOOM.
Maik Lojewski,
Producer & Stylist.
Mihoko Mori,
Designer at AND WANDER.
"Enjoy the sun and stay hydrated."
Lewis Wilson,
Producer & Consultant.
"If you miss a beat, you create another."
Peter Obradovic,
Project Management & Creative at BEINGHUNTED.
"Everyone washes their underwear. Nobody is above being a regular person."
Sam Le Roy,
Co-Owner of HARTCOPY.
"It’s Jurassic June!"
Samuel de Goede,
Design Director at BYBORRE.
"Bonjour Paris, I’m not in Paris!"
Digital & Marketing Expert.
"Stay fucking true!"
Spencer Morris,
Social Media Manager at TECHUNTER.
Teahan Kim,
Tommy Hubert,
Communication Dealer.
"Stay hydrated!"
Oliver Hooson,
Photographer & Creator.
"The form always follows the function."
Yoonmi Choi,
Designer at LTEKS.
After its successful start (the IG channel reached 7.5K accounts within three weeks of its launch), TCO will continue in the coming months covering more participants at different events. The physical yearbook or zine for Paris is set to launch in the coming months, so keep an eye on the official IG account to not miss the news.
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TCO by Beinghunted. & TECHUNTER.
Photos: Beinghunted., TECHUNTER Media, Adam Katz Sinding, Leo Wild.