Techunters! By tradition, we summarize the results of the project for the year.
2019 for us is a year of new events and rapid development of author's material.
We are very happy to conclude that it was the most successful year for us in the history of the project:

– first lectures from the TECHUNTER team at ReebokFest and SneakerheadCon in Moscow;
– first international trip to Munich at the THE BORDERLANDS by VANISH and ISPO : organization of our own art installation + work as a media publication in English;
– a large number of author's content: video, text, photos, audio, graphics;
– change of the magazine's concept: "We explore performance apparel";
– creating TECHUNTER Media;
– creating and filling video content on YouTube channel;
– creation and filling of the Telegram channel;
– creating and filling audio content on SoundCloud channel;
– release of the 5th anniversary printed issue;
– organization of the first offline event for the presentation;
– release of the first TECHUNTER x GENESIS 2.0 collaboration.

We are very grateful to our readers and followers for your support and interest to the project.
Also, our partners and friends, with whom we managed to implement joint ideas this year.
2020 will be the anniversary year for the whole project and we are preparing some big events.
So, see you very soon.

Happy holidays!