Dear friends! Here is our guide to our latest TECHUNTER 07 ONLINE issue. In 2020 we contemplated this decision to make a digital-only issue, but in the end, we hope that in this way we can reach more readers worldwide and be more approachable for those, who always wanted to see our magazine work.

As with the previous one, in the 2021 edition, we continue to work with this non-standard format of the digital magazine. We also put a lot of emphasis on the information component due to the high-profile list of the issue's participants.
The concept of TECHUNTER 07 ONLINE is «functional womenswear». We decided to explore this theme after we saw an uptrend of different outdoor and functional clothing brands, creating separate performance womenswear collections. Then, we realized that there is much more to explore and to say about the origins and current affairs of this wave.

We asked various individuals, creatives and business professionals, brands, and projects from the industry to share their thoughts on the theme, problems they face daily and their thoughts on the future of this trend. We prepared our and guest articles, exploring and analyzing the topic as well. Here are the preview links to the main articles:
The issue is an online magazine of a new format, compiled on the platform of our website and adapted to all popular device formats (computer, tablet, smartphone). Access to the new release is provided through a user's personal account after payment, with the protection of your personal data and our content.

As always, the issue is made in two languages: Russian and English. At ".com" site you will have an English one by default. After payment, a link and data for accessing the user's personal account will be sent to the specified email address. Access is timeless and provided only through your personal account.
No trees were harmed, no shipping was required, no plastic wrapping was used, no pollution. Our new digital issue is now available instantly, everywhere, on the go and on any platform with an internet connection.

In nowadays situation, we decided to donate our April revenue from all digital magazine purchases to "Helping To Leave". Let's act together.

Here is a link to order it via our online store:

Thank you.