As is tradition, we summarize the results of our project's work over the past year. 2021 has become a year of new opportunities and new acquaintances, events and achievements for the TECHUNTER team.
Despite pandemics still having a tight grasp over the world, we continue to find our niche and our value, which we are now developing both in the community of functional clothing enthusiasts and globally in the industry as a whole. We have collected the most significant events for the project over the past year so that you can share them with us again, or catch up on missed information.
22 series of macro-editorials and product reviews.
In 2021, we continued to develop our author's series of content, named THM Macroshots. In these reviews, we use specialized macro equipment and our author's vision, with which we explore materials and products, showing how complex and beautiful fabrics, materials, and product details can be at the same time. This year we have made 22 shoots for our friends and partners, including Descente, PUMA, Vollebak, Norda, Helly Hansen, LTEKS, Adidas Terrex, Merrell 1TRL, BYBORRE, ROA, Klattermusen, Mizuno, Reebok, and others. We have developed our own identity and visual style, and we continue to immerse ourselves in this direction, combining product research and this high-quality visual presentation. View more via the previews below or at the link.
3 large full-format brand editorials.
Along with our author's series of macroshots, TECHUNTER Media production continues to evolve in the classic style of editorial materials. This year our main projects were works for PUMA x NEMEN, CCP, and TIMBERLAND GREENSTRIDE. From concept development to a remote location shoot, post-production, and online promotion – each material is accompanied by our author's narration or interviews with brand representatives, designers, and creatives. Check more via the links below.
Attending 2 major events:
SM Fest 2021 and UTMB 2021.
Despite the ongoing restrictions, associated with the pandemic, we managed to visit 2 major summer events, documenting them in our photo reports. The first was the outdoor festival called Sport-Marafon Fest – the eponymous with the main organizer, a major Russian festival of outdoor activities, held in the Nikola-Lenivets Art Park in early June. Trailrunning, orienteering, MTB, camping, master classes, expo, concerts and lectures, including our very own, which was dedicated to the new digital issue of TECHUNTER 07 ONLINE magazine. At the end of summer, we were in the French Alps on the legendary UTMB [Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc] trail-running race around the legendary mountain. Invited by On Running, we found ourselves in the mecca of trail running, supporting athletes throughout the route, and traveling across the valleys of France, Italy, and Switzerland together with our colleagues from Highsnobiety, Sneaker Freaker, Hiking Patrol, l.holl, 114.index, and advanced.rock. An unforgettable sensory experience and absolute pleasure of meeting new people in the most beautiful mountains of Europe. Check more via the links below.
2 offline lectures on the topic of our new digital magazine.
Continuing to develop in an educational format, we, once again, collaborated with our friends from the Sport-Marafon store to give 2 lectures on the topic of our new digital issue TECHUNTER 07 ONLINE – "women's functional clothing". We presented the first one at the Sport-Marafon Fest in the outdoor lecture hall, and duplicated the second one in the lecture hall of the SM Travelers Club, inviting the author of the magazine – designer Ksenia Sofianatos [functional_clothing_lab] to share her thoughts and discuss the topic. The lecture is recorded and available online on our YouTube channel. Check more images from the lectures via the links below.
The important news of the past year for our media production is our technical partnership with FUJIFILM. Over the past few years, our media team has independently used its equipment to create content. Now we are glad to be friends of the company and represent the quality of their equipment through our work.
The new digital ISSUE –
Our project has had the status of a magazine since 2015, thus we continue to release our publications, nowadays in a new digital format. The current issue of TECHUNTER 07 ONLINE is compiled on the basis of our main website. The theme of the new issue is "functional womenswear" – an unexplored, yet vast and fast-growing niche, that attracted our attention a couple years back. This year we plunged headlong into its analysis. Among the materials you will find interviews with Eva Karlsson [CEO and founder of Houdini Sportswear], Mihoko Mori [designer and founder of and wander], Suzanne Oude Hengel [Textile Museum technician, knit researcher], Dr. Jeanette Friedrich [global director of ISPO Group], HOLDEN, materials from invited authors [functional_clothing_lab] and Not For Archiving™, our analytical articles, author's surveys and much more. You can find out more details about the articles at the links below, and purchase the issue in our online store.
This year we wrote articles, shared interviews, and new releases. There were a lot of cool acquaintances and promising collaborators. You can find all this on our main info channels: on social media accounts and here, on our website.

We can safely call 2021 a success for us. Our team is bursting with new ideas. We are preparing to launch a new project – TECSAURUS – a database and encyclopedia on functional clothing. We plan to return to printed publications again, but in a new format for us. We are getting ready for more offline events with our new partners, one of which we will announce very soon. Even more content making, research, and educational activities are in the works. Probably, 2022 will be the year of restrictions and hardships, yet again. However, we believe that they will not interfere with our work and your enjoyment of it.
We thank all our readers, followers, enthusiasts, colleagues, partners, and friends.

Your support, attention, feedback, and interest in the project are very important to us and are what keep the flame burning even brighter.

We are joyous to do our favorite job, evolving ourselves and developing the industry, of which we are a part. We wish all of you to find such activity and be in harmony with yourself.

Stay safe, find joy, and happy holidays!

– TECHUNTER Media team.